Welcome to Streamline!

Streamline is one of the first professional Pilates Studios to open in Salt Lake City and has developed the reputation for excellent instruction in a warm, inviting and intimate setting. We have all of the Pilates equipment available and are able to teach the Method to a wide range of clients with different goals and needs.

Pilates is a safe, fun and superb way to strengthen, lengthen, and tone your body, while wakening your mind and lifting your spirit. Please consider one of our introductory packages to get a feel for the studio, meet our expert and caring staff, and get you started on your Pilates path.



Latest from the Streamline Blog

We are proud to report that Streamline Pilates is the home to Kathy Grant Heritage trained graduates. The Heritage Training is a journey into the work of Pilates elder, Kathleen Stanford Grant, an original student of Joseph Pilates and who died in 2008. This skill-based work, shared with us by Cara Reeser in Denver, Co. uncovers the essence of Pilates movements and exercises that transforms our bodies, minds and spirits. This 6-month post-graduate training fosters a new understanding of what Pilates and the art of teaching movement means. This training has profound influence and positive effect in the studio. Streamline is lucky to be a hub for this additional layer of skill and understanding, The Heritage Training.


Steve and Eva Kauffman

Steve and Eva Kauffman, a husband and wife team, opened Streamline in the spring of 2000. They had the vision of combining the discipline of mind/body-connected movement and conditioning with other forms of bodywork so their clients could have choices when seeking health and recovery.

Now Streamline boasts eight well-experienced Pilates instructors and three body workers, including a physical therapist. Steve, Eva, and the staff pride themselves on quality instruction and service in a friendly and intimate atmosphere.

Our Clients Say it Best

  • Pilates practice has a profound effect on my body awareness and my overall health. Pilates puts a spring in my step, improves my posture, and energizes me.–Larry Sweeney, inspiring middle school math teacher and new Pilates instructor

  • Pilates is about improving quality of life. It keeps my body movement more fluid and able to do the activities that make me happy.–John Firmage, owner of five large small businesses and exceptional fun seeker

  • For me, Pilates is a life long exercise program. The instructors at Streamline have helped me keep up with my exercise routine through the past 10 years of various injuries, surgeries and other age-related issues. I don’t know where my mind and body would be without Streamline.–Karen Edson, active grandmother and rock-star client at Streamline

  • Pilates is my way of paying attention to my body. I immediately felt the benefits of a weekly mat class to supplement my rigorous rock climbing training. This awareness helps me in all aspects of my life and activities and improves my mood. The people at Streamline are friendly and helpful.–Patrick Keahey, college student and rock climbing enthusiast