Private training

Private Pilates master instructor session

Private Pilates instructor session

Private Pilates starting instructor session


Private Pilates apprentice instructor session


Duet session $45



Trio session $40



Quad session $35



Group equipment class

Economy equipment class

Mat class $18


Student mat class* $12


Student equipment class* $20


Introductory package

Our Pilates introductory package includes 3 private lessons and 2 mat classes. Our recommended package for new clients at Streamline. This is a great way to get started on your Pilates practice. 


Other packages

10-Class card mat classes
A staple for the devotee, this card includes 10 mat classes. It’s our best value. $155



Mat class package 
This package includes 10 mat classes and 1 private session. It’s a great option for our mat class clients. In addition, the private session allows you to work with an instructor one on one to brush up on technique, experiment and ask questions. $210



Equipment class package
Includes 10 equipment classes and 1 solo session. An ideal package that allows you to learn and use the equipment in the studio, then work with an instructor one on one to brush up on technique, move at your own pace and experiment. You’ll learn a few things that might not otherwise be taught to a group.



Special notes:

Please use your multi-session purchases within a 12 month period. No refunds awarded; credit can be used for any product or service provided at streamline. 

Please note our 24-hour cancellation policy.

Amex, visa, mc, discover and local checks accepted. $15 Charge for returned checks.

*Student rate: the $12 / $20 rates apply to full-time university or high-school students. The student rate is available on all mat and equipment classes”, or “all Streamline mat and equipment classes.