Special Classes

We offer several special classes that are focused on specific needs in our Pilates community. Contact us for more information or sign up for a class. 

Gentle Pilates

Please join us Mondays at Noon for Pilates with a softer approach. Gentle Pilates makes a space for those hesitant about group classes because of individual limitations. In this class we move at a slower pace, practice foundational movement skills, and make appropriate modifications intended to make Pilates accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Pilates for Athletes

Mondays at 6pm is a class for any athlete or active person wanting to work on mobility, stability and alignment to improve performance in their sport and decrease risk of injury. We apply the principles of the Pilates Method to develop and train optimal movement patterns that help you feel better and perform at your best. If you are a runner, cyclist, climber, skier, lifter, swimmer, paddler, play on a field or court or take part in any kind of adaptive sport, you will learn skills prepare and recover your body while being at the top of your game!

Pilates for Climbers

Pilates is for everyone, but this class specifically tailors the Pilates exercise method to meet the mobility and strength needs of climbers. Climbing is a challenging sport with extreme demands on not only our muscles and joints but also our focus and mental resilience. Every Wednesday at 7am this Pilates mat class delivers skills and movements that help us approach the rock with better body mechanics, aid in the recovery from high performance efforts, and help prevent injuries. Learn to access your core, open your shoulders and hips, and connect the body and mind to ultimately improve your performance and longevity.

Pilates for Stiffer Bodies

This class is designed for the more “tightly wound” individual in need of deep stretches, fuller breathing, and greater mobility. Every Friday at 7am learn breathing techniques to calm your nervous system and unwind tight tissues, and practice classical Pilates mat exercises with modifications and adaptations, so movements are more accessible and rewarding.