Learn how to become your own body mechanic through instructional videos that address common challenges like knee pain, tennis elbow, and low back pain.

Eva Kauffman (Master Pilates Instructor) and Esther Smith (Doctor of Physical Therapy) have combined their individual philosophies into a series of self-treatment videos designed to help you have a better understanding of your body and instruct you on how to heal through movement.

Using the science and art of physical therapy and the holistic approach of the Pilates Method, they’ve created hybrid kits of exercises for specific body areas and conditions that you can safely and effectively do at home.

self treatment knee pain

Healthy Knee video

This video addresses the support, alignment, and integrity of the hip, ankle, and knee. Do you experience knee pain when you play sports or perform simple tasks such as going up and down hills, squatting, or kneeling? Is your pain specific to motions such as descending inclines or running? Are you currently pain free but interested in optimizing the health of your knee to prevent problems? If any of these questions sound like you, you’ll benefit from this self-treatment video.

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tennis elbow, elbow pain

Tennis Elbow video

This video addresses Tennis Elbow, or lateral elbow tendinitis/tendinosis­—a dysfunction affecting the muscle-tendon unit on the outside of the elbow. Do you experience pain at the outside of your elbow/forearm during simple daily tasks such as pinching, gripping, squeezing, typing, lifting, or impacting? Does your favorite sport or activity aggravate this pain? Laborers, computer workers, weight lifters, rock climbers and tennis players are all people who are prone to this condition and will benefit from this self-treatment video.

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low back pain

Low Back video

This video addresses issues of the lower back that lead to low back pain. Do you get up in the morning and your low back feels stiff? Do you get out of the car after a long drive and your low back hurts? Maybe the pain is worse after yard work or other activities that cause you to bend, stoop, or flex your spine. When your back is aggravated do you have pain that radiates down into your buttocks or legs? Do you have episodes that you describe as your back "going out?" Is this pain lessened when you stand, walk, or lie on your stomach? If any of these questions pertain to you, you’ll benefit from this self-treatment video.

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