Monica Bentrude

Monica Bentrude

After graduating with a BFA in Dance from the University of Utah, Monica gravitated to the fitness industry where she’s enjoyed teaching various exercise trends for over 30 years. With a desire to deepen her Pilates knowledge, Monica first visited Streamline in 2010 and discovered the Teacher Training Program led by Eva Kauffman and Lise Fischer. Immediately she knew that this was the Pilates education she had longed for.

By completing the Streamline Teacher Training Program in 2012, Monica opened a door to a richer world of movement for her and her clients. She’s a life-long lover of Pilates and for her, nothing compares to Pilates’ ability to increase physical and mental strength, flexibility and balance. Monica enthusiastically shares her knowledge with her clients and lets them know that if they practice Pilates regularly they’ll be strong and injury-free. They’ll derive more joy from other forms of exercise and activities, whether it’s skiing, cycling, playing basketball, football, riding horses, tennis, gardening or rock climbing. Monica believes Pilates helps her clients do all their sports better and more safely. In the end, they’ll stand taller and feel better about themselves. Monica is Kathy Grant Heritage trained (HT).

 Kathy Grant Heritage Training


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Express Pilates (45 min) 
Thursday, 12pm, North Studio