Intermediate Pilates Program

Fundamentals thru Intermediate Level Pilates


450 hours


The Intermediate Pilates Training covers the Mat, Universal Reformer, Cadillac, Low Chair, Barrels and miscellaneous equipment from Beginning thru Intermediate levels. We meet for 4 lab and lecture weekends and the program includes a guided apprenticeship, anatomy course, case study, teaching evaluations, History and Philosophy Test, Final Written, Teaching and Performance Tests.



1. Accomplished at Intermediate Pilates on the Mat and Reformer
2. Audition or submission of performance DVD
3. Written application

Course Description:

We designed this course for those of you who are not able or prepared to undertake the full-year program or those who wish to take time to absorb and integrate a full program in two phases. This course is the first phase, and this program enables you to confidently teach Pilates at the Intermediate level. In 4 lecture weekends, we review in detail all Pilates exercises on all of the equipment from fundamentals to intermediate level. We cover basic functional anatomy, how to assess a body and its movement patterns, how to design a Pilates lesson, different learning and communication styles, how to pace and progress a client, and practice teaching skills and techniques. Then after you have had time to digest and teach with this material, you can choose to return for the second phase, Advanced Pilates Program, immediately following or in the future.

The required 450 Hours for Apprenticeship are as follows:

66 Lecture
100 Observation
125 Teaching
75 Personal Workouts
50 Lessons
20 Miscellaneous
8 Testing
8 Case Study/ Evaluations/Advisor Meetings

Trainees should anticipate dedicating an average of 12-15 hours a week for 25 weeks in order to complete their certification in 6 months time. Optimally, all hours are fulfilled at Streamline or at another pre-approved Pilates studio.



Application: $150 (non-refundable)
Deposit: $500 (non-refundable, applicable to tuition)
Tuition: $3,850
Testing: $700
Books (approx.): $100
Lessons and classes (approx.): $2,000

Total Cost (approx.): $6,300
Payments detailed on application.

Audit Cost: 

Full Weekend (lecture only): $500*
Saturday or Sunday: $275*
Friday (lecture only): $150*
Friday Lab: $50*
*50% discount on this pricing available to STTP graduates.


2020 Calendar for Intermediate Pilates Program:

Please note: Weekends 1-4 will be held in Birmingham, Alabama at Aero Joe Pilates. Adjusted course costs can be found here.

Weekend 1: How Pilates All Began January 10-12

Weekend 2: Laying a Sound Foundation February 7-9

Weekend 3: Teaching Tools and Techniques April 3-5

Weekend 4: The Art of Teaching April 17-19


Weekends are organized as follows:

Fridays 2:30-4pm Orientation/Labs
Fridays 4-7pm Lecture
Saturdays 11:30-6:30pm Lecture
Sundays 9-4pm Lecture