Esther Smith

Esther Smith, DPT

Esther recently earned her Intermediate Level Pilates teaching certificate from Streamline’s teacher training program. She views Pilates as the optimal cross training and therapeutic exercise modality. Over the last several years Esther has studied the expansive benefits of the Pilates Method and applied it in her own life as a mountain athlete. Pilates helps Esther recover from acute and chronic injuries and improves her sport performance. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Esther applies her Pilates education to help clients heal from and prevent injury.

In 2016, Esther partnered with Eva Kauffman to develop, an online video resource venture that combines physical therapy and Pilates to give people access to high quality and effective therapeutic movement in their home or wherever they are in the world. You’ll find Esther integrating Pilates into her practice at Grassroots Physical Therapy and moonlighting as an instructor at Streamline.


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Esther's weekly class:

Pilates for Climbers
Wednesday, 7am, North Studio