Cynthia Sotiriou

Cynthia Sotiriou

Cynthia’s Pilates journey began after she’d raised four wonderful children and it quickly blossomed into a passion that motivated Cynthia to earn her comprehensive Pilates certification through the Streamline Teacher Training Program. Cynthia believes in the power of Pilates to change lives—to cultivate focus, control and a lengthened strength in the body. It creates a wise awareness of movement in all activities, and an increased confidence with new experiences and activities. 

Cynthia enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for Pilates with her clients as she assists them in discovering an improved quality of life through their ever-increasing understanding of movement. She finds so many rewards as she sees her clients gain and realize their advancing skill set. Cynthia received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting from the University of Wisconsin and worked as a CPA for many years. She’s studied piano for most of her life and still provides lessons to students in her home.

Cynthia is Kathy Grant Heritage trained (HT). 



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