Brenda Butcher

Brenda Butcher

Brenda received her BFA in Dance from the University of Utah. She became a Dance and Pilates adjunct faculty member at Salt Lake Community College in 2005 and earned her comprehensive Pilates certification from Streamline in 2010. Brenda enjoys teaching Pilates and sharing her knowledge with her clients. She loves watching them progress and make new discoveries about themselves and what they can accomplish. Brenda’s also a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

In addition to instructing Pilates, Brenda is currently working on her Master of Fine Arts in Ballet at the University of Utah. Through her teaching of Pilates, Brenda helps her clients develop body awareness, strength and fitness to move more efficiently in their daily lives. Personally, Pilates gives her the strength to participate in her favorite activities and gives her the confidence to attempt new hobbies and adventures, wherever they may take her.


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Brenda's weekly classes:

Donation Mat
Sunday, 9am, North Studio

Pilates Barre
Sunday, 10:15am, North Studio