March Matness

Pilates exercises

Many of you may have seen the plethora of Pilates pictures that popped up across social media last month. Yes, it was a magical time in the Pilates community as Streamline and other studios around the world participated in “March Matness!” Streamline’s teachers and students contributed by posing in different mat exercises in and out of the studio. These images were posted daily on Streamline’s Instagram and Facebook page, representing nearly every mat exercise from the 100 to push-ups

What exactly is March Matness, you ask? It all began with Benjamin Degenhardt, a Pilates instructor based out of New York. Benjamin travels all over the world teaching Pilates, and he wanted to devise a way for all of the people he was meeting to share their passion. He came up with the idea of March Matness, essentially different Pilates poses posted each day throughout the month of March with the hashtag #MarchMatness or #MM2015.

This not only allows for everyone practicing Pilates to share pictures of themselves mastering the exercises, but they can also search for the hashtag on social media to see what others are doing. We hope to get the word spread so more and more people can join in. We would love to see more of our friends in the studio participate next year!

Want to see the pictures Streamline took? Go to Streamline’s FB, Twitter, or Instagram account.