Like sharing good food, sharing Pilates just feels natural to us. We believe that helping others gain strength and improve the quality of their lives enriches our own lives many times over. So we take great pride in our teacher training program at Streamline and look forward to working with dedicated students to help them become professional, knowledgeable and experienced teachers.

Lise Fischer and Eva Kauffman - Streamline Teacher Training 
Pilates teacher training

Founded by Eva Kauffman and Lise Fischer

The Streamline Teacher Training Program of Salt Lake City, Utah has been teaching people to share the inspiration of the Pilates Method with the community at large for more than 10 years. Eva and Lise each have over 20 years of teaching experience in the Salt Lake City area and are both graduates of the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program. Each year they study ardently with master teachers of all Pilates lineages and eagerly look forward to passing along their experiences with others.

Based upon the classic Pilates repertoire

Our comprehensive training program covers exercises from Basic to Advanced levels on all of the equipment. It’s important to emphasize here that this isn’t the typical classical training, but instead features our own grassroots, homegrown, and always evolving program, which combines what we consider to be the best of all the lineages. The material is hand-made and incorporates other generations of material we’ve taught to create a non-formulaic program that emphasizes teaching to the individual. Educating from the ground up, we get down and dirty and in the trenches.

Our teacher training program is LIVE

It is not codified nor digitalized. Program hours include lecture and lab hours, observation, practice teaching, lessons, workouts and testing over the course of the year. Rather than simply learning exercises, emphasis is placed upon developing highly skilled, knowledgeable and creative teachers of movement. We see and teach to the individual because no one size fits all.

We keep our class size small

Our classes are small (6-12 trainees) and intimate. This enables substantial personal mentoring and coaching. We pride ourselves on fostering a personal, individualized and highly interactive setting for learning. This develops teachers who are sophisticated, creative and artful in their teaching.


Our training program features a Comprehensive Pilates Program (12 months), Intermediate Program (6 months) and Advanced Program (6 months). We also offer a Pre-Training Program for those of you wanting to prepare and/or meet prerequisites for the training year, and a Mentoring Program for those of you training elsewhere or already trained and seeking a deeper teaching experience. Streamline currently boasts 12 fully trained instructors from whom you will gain insight, experience, and inspiration.

We believe it’s critical that first you are a student of Pilates before entering any training program, and Streamline requires that you be a solid Intermediate level practitioner before entering our instructor-training program. We offer our pre-training program for those who want to get started early on their teaching journey.

Pilates teacher training