Amanda Normand

Amanda Normand

Amanda considers physical fitness a life necessity. She started practicing Pilates in her mid-twenties and immediately began striving for Joseph Pilates’ ideal of uniform development. As a lover of martial arts and a long-time practitioner of Kung Fu, Amanda believes Pilates has helped her develop strength with a stronger mind-to-body connection.

Pilates supports Amanda’s love of being active outdoors and it helps her be a stronger athlete. She earned her Pilates teaching certificate from the Streamline Teacher Training Program in 2011 and she’s been a Pilates educator at Streamline ever since. Amanda loves teaching Pilates and she believes everyone can benefit from regular training; it gives her great satisfaction to see her clients gain strength, mobility, and mind-to-body control.


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Amanda's weekly classes:

Intermediate Equipment
Monday, 10:15am, South Studio

Beginning/Intermediate Mat
Wednesday, 7:30am, South Studio