Hello, we’re Steve and Eva Kauffman.

We opened Streamline in the spring of 2000 with a shared vision of creating a space where we could offer our clients a wide range of choices for their health and recovery options. At the time, we each had numerous years of teaching Pilates and providing body work separately, but we could see our clients running from one facility to another, from the gym to a massage. So, we created Streamline to combine the discipline of mind/body-connected movement and conditioning with a variety of options for bodywork in one welcoming, comfortable space.

steve and eva kauffman
Pilates rehabilatation

One of Salt Lake’s first professional Pilates studios, Streamline quickly gained a reputation as a space for professional instruction and bodywork in an environment that treated everyone as a unique individual with their own personal issues and goals.

Streamline today continues that tradition with a collaboration of well-experienced Pilates instructors and body workers. Steve, Eva, and the entire staff pride themselves on quality instruction for each unique client, in a friendly and intimate atmosphere.


heritage training

We’re very proud to report that Streamline Pilates is the home to several Kathy Grant Heritage trained graduates. The Heritage Training is a journey into the work of Pilates elder, Kathleen Stanford Grant, an original student of Joseph Pilates and who died in 2008. This skill-based work, shared with us by Cara Reeser in Denver, Colorado uncovers the essence of the Pilates movements and exercises that transform our bodies, minds and spirits. This 6-month post-graduate training fosters a new understanding of what Pilates and the art of teaching movement means. This training has profound influence and positive effect in the studio. Streamline is lucky to be a hub for this additional layer of skill and understanding.

Streamline will be hosting Heritage Training in Salt Lake City in 2019.