Streamline Pilates Teacher Training

Streamline Pilates Teacher Training Program of Salt Lake City, Utah was founded in 2008 by Eva Kauffman and Lise Fischer, each of whom have taught for over 15 years in the Salt Lake valley and are graduates of the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado.

This comprehensive training program is based upon the classic Pilates repertoire and covers exercises from Basic to Advanced levels on all of the equipment. Program hours include lecture and lab hours, observation, practice teaching, lessons, workouts and testing over the course of the year. Rather than simply learning exercises, emphasis is placed upon developing highly skilled, knowledgeable and creative teachers of movement. Class size is small and intimate, enabling substantial personal mentoring and coaching. We pride ourselves on small class sizes (4-8 trainees) that foster a personal, individualized and highly interactive setting for learning. This develops teachers who are sophisticated, creative and artful in their teaching.

Our training program features a Comprehensive Pilates Certification (12 months) as well as Mat I Certification, Mat II Certification, Intermediate Equipment Certification (6 months) and Advanced Equipment Certification (6 months). We also offer a Pre-Certification Program for those of you needing to prepare and/or meet prerequisites for the certification year and a Mentoring Program for those of you certifying elsewhere or already certified and seeking a deeper teaching experience. Streamline boasts 8 fully certified instructors from whom you will gain insight, experience, and inspiration.

Projected 2017 Training Dates

Jan 27, 28, 29
Feb 3, 4, 5
April 21, 22, 23
April 28, 29, 30
Sept 15, 16, 17
Sept 22, 23, 24
Nov 10, 11, 12
Nov 17, 18, 19

Image of Eva Kaufmann and Lise Fischer, founders and directors of Streamline's Teacher Training Program

Eva Kauffman and Lise Fischer

Graduate Testimonials
  • The outstanding teachers at Streamline are very supportive of individual students in the program, meeting the needs of each student physically, mentally, and emotionally and providing the guidance that helps everyone succeed. I find myself frequently reflecting on the completeness of the program; it is rigorous and not for the unorganized or faint-of-heart. A lot of work can also be a lot of fun!–Cindy Rothfeder, STTP Graduate

  • I felt supported through the hurdles and congratulated at the peaks. It was one of the most fulfilling challenges I have ever taken on. I feel lucky to have spent a year learning from incredible teachers who continue to inspire me.–Kristin Painter, STTP Graduate

  • Words can’t express how thankful I am for what Streamline has taught me. I feel amazing, my confidence has bloomed, and my life is so much better because of Pilates.–Madison Denkers, STTP Graduate

  • This past year in the Pilates Certification Program has been a growing experience. My body has transformed; I am the strongest I have ever been and my posture has changed dramatically. I have been provided with the tools to become a knowledgeable and effective Pilates teacher. Eva and Lise have been invested in my progress throughout the whole process and have supported me through each milestone on the journey. –Julia Maeser, STTP Graduate

  • Teaching has been a delightful surprise for me. I had expected that I would find it difficult. To the contrary, I find teaching stimulating, mentally challenging, and always different. I look forward to teaching more than anything I have ever done. I credit our teachers at Streamline for preparing us so that it is possible to approach Pilates teaching so positively and effectively. –Avis Light, STTP Graduate

  • My body has been poked and prodded, analyzed and discussed, resculpted and reformed. It has not all been easy. I have experienced first hand the magic that Mr. Pilates promised with the diligent practice of his Method. My mind and my body has become stronger and more flexible. I have made new friends, gained confidence, and
    learned so much from this experience in the Streamline Teacher Training Program. –Rosemary Woolley, STTP Graduate