Streamline Bodyworks is a professional Pilates studio located in 
downtown Sugarhouse, a neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah. We specialize 
in Pilates and also offer yoga and massage. Streamline is 
close to convenient shopping and to the highway for easy access. 

Built in the 1920ís, Streamline is a classic brick bungalow that has been tastefully designed and fully remodeled with movement and relaxation in mind. The upstairs is where you will do Pilates and yoga, and the downstairs is where you will enjoy relaxing massage treatments. Both floors are equipped with restrooms, showers and changing rooms.

Steve and Eva Kauffman, a husband and wife team, opened Streamline in the spring of 2000. They had the vision of combining the discipline of mind/body-connected movement and conditioning with other forms of bodywork so their clients could have choices when seeking health and recovery. Now Streamline boasts eight well-experienced Pilates and yoga instructors and three body workers. Steve, Eva, and the staff pride themselves on quality instruction and service in a friendly and intimate atmosphere.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to experience the community at Streamline and feel inspired to pursue your health and fitness goals. To learn more about the Pilates method of conditioning please click our FAQ page.

Eva and Steve Kauffman