How Pilates gives you a simple, proactive solution to chronic injury

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I meet a lot of people with aches and pains in their body. Maybe their back hurts, or they have a weird “twingy thing” in their shoulder. These complaints often aren’t brought on by one-time accidents, but are the result of daily wear and tear.

Most people accept these little discomforts as part of living, ignoring small bouts of inconsistent yet familiar pain. Perhaps they are unwilling or unsure of how to address these minor issues. Maybe it doesn’t seem necessary to do something about a “little problem” that comes up periodically. Often, they might ‘wait it out’ until it becomes a bigger issue, limiting their ability to use their body in perhaps a permanent way.

Through my own personal experience with Pilates, I’ve learned that it definitely doesn’t have to be this way! I myself am all too familiar with these types of pain signals. I have learned that these small, persistent signals are often telling me of tightness or damage in my tissues that needs some TLC. Maybe my chest is tight and needs to be stretched in order to not disturb the balanced movement of my shoulder girdle, or perhaps my pelvic floor muscles need to be better organized to support my sacroiliac joint. Until I learned to tune into my body through Pilates, I didn’t realise that these little problems often have powerful solutions, and I have the ability to resolve discomfort proactively before it becomes a bigger issue.

Pilates has created a solid platform for me to explore what my body is telling me through how it feels to move through and experience space. Where am I limited? Where do I feel unstable? Addressing these questions proactively has made the world of difference in how it feels to be inside my skin. If I stay tuned in, my body feels able to move and play in any way it wishes. It feels good to sit, lie, run, climb, and dance.

It seems like a no brainer to take the time to maintain the body we spend our entire lives in, yet I meet a lot of people unsure of how to do so. One of the reasons I enjoy spreading Pilates to individual lives is because it gives them that awareness, as well as proactive tools and tricks to maintain structural health. I hope whether it is through Pilates or some other sort of therapeutic movement, you take the time to listen to how your body feels and help it function in the most pain free and optimal way possible.


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Rachel recently finished the teacher training program at Streamline. She is excited to continue to develop her passion for Pilates through teaching and personal study. She is mentored by Eva Kauffman, Lise Fischer, and all of the other talented instructors at Streamline. You will see her around the studio teaching classes and posting articles on the Streamline blog.

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